Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rabbiting on

Its funny that once you hear or see something once you'll probably run into it again more than once in a short space of time. This happened to me over the last few days with rabbit. I hadn't thought of rabbit in a long time but;

Sunday night a friend served rabbit pie for dinner. It was great; lots of
vegetables, herbs and a great crust. Then last night we went to a 65th Birthday Party for our friend Rob and the restaurant served roast rabbit - for 40 people. Again, it was good, but not as good as the rabbit pie. Finally, I took a look at Lucy's Kitchen Notebook ( and what do I see, but rabbit yet again; Mexican style this time. It sounds delicious. But;

Why am I being persued by rabbit? I don't even particularly like rabbit, I mean its OK, pretty
innocuous so whats not to like or to like? I'd rather have a chicken, more meat same or better flavour. Wild rabbit or hare's a different matter you can do some interesting things with them. Is it rabbit season? Didn't think there was one, but you never know. Maybe its because its fall and people's thoughts turn to pies & roasts & such like. I'll probably never find out.

In any case my hope is that by getting the rabbit out of my system, so to speak, by writing about it here I will have exorcised the rabbit deamons and they'll go away & let me think about other kinds of food.

Like the steak frites I'm going to cook for dinner tonight!

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L Vanel said...

Rabbit season is coming on. Yes.