Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Village life - The repas

The next generation!

This little girl is growing up speaking French, Occitan and English. She will understand the Internet and the world in a way we never will. I hope she and the world will be better for it!

Last Sunday we went to a repas at our local salle des fetes. In this part of France the repas which is a shared communal meal is very popular and is a great means of getting the village together. This particular one was in aid of the church restoration in the nearby hamlet of Neiuvialle. 15 Euros for the meal including aperitif, wine and coffee.
I've written up the contents of the meal with pictures and posted it on eGullet. (you can see it by clicking HERE) I've made my opinion about taking pictures of food in public places clear elsewhere. I'm against it, but I couldn't resist doing this one as an antidote to those who get too serious about the whole thing. Its food that's all to be enjoyed.
But what I did really enjoy was taki
ng pictures of my local friends & neighbors. I've alway thought that for some reason that I don't pretend to understand that France produces some of the most interesting faces in the world. What follows is a selection of the mostly older people of our village. I think they're wonderful.

I'll start with this one of our Mayor. Jean-Claude is a very good Mayor, but a bit shy. Local rumor says he won't run again next year as he wants to be able to spend more time on his hobbies.

Wonderful people who have made we foreigners welcome in their midst. Friendly, curious, content and fully aware of how to enjoy life in all of its simplicity.

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Abra said...

Stunning photos, beautiful faces!