Sunday, December 09, 2007

Diet - No, I haven't given up

I'm stuck at my 10 pounds weight loss & have been for a while, but I'm still trying. This 190 pound barrier seems to be a tough one.

I think I'm at a point where I'm to strategise just continuing to keep the 10 pounds off over the holidays and then make a big push for the second 10 pounds in January.

Last night we went to special Greek evening at a friends restaurant, tonight we're having slow roast belly pork and Wednesday we're out for dinner. Thursday we leave for England and a round of visits with kids & grandkids, Linda's family and friends. I'm going to be hard pressed to keep the 10 pounds.

Its a tough life.


Bruce Hammersley said...

hallo to th e'Yank' Arent blogs the most anazing thing, yours is a good read and very much reminded me of our area of France, in the SW. If you want a look at a simaler blog mine is on the following link

We are near Oloron and your self?

Yank said...

Hi Bruce Thanks for comment. I'll have a look at your blog soon.
We've just arrived in England and I'm doing this from one of the Grandkid's computer.
We're near Parisot. The one in Tarn et Garonne, not the one in Tarn.