Monday, June 23, 2008

Fete des Mais - Part 2

Having planted our Maypole we all decamped to out local lake. This was in aid of planting a tree, introducing the full new council and, this being France, having a meal and a bit to drink.

Here's the whole council. And here's our very happy new Mayor!

After mercifully short speeches the beer & wine started flowing and the conversations really got going. This was a great chance to bring ourselves up to date with many local friends, get the latest gossip and socialize in general. I for instance ran into friends whose 13 year old son is getting into tennis, but has nobody to play with. I'll probably regret volunteering, but we start next Friday. Can my ego stand getting walloped by a teenager? Probably yes & the exercise will do me good.

After a few goutte's (drops) we all trooped off to the tables under the trees for the repas. In addition to wine we had a buffet selection of several salads, slices of roast pork, pizza slices, cornichons, bread, cheese and fouace (a local kind of cake). It was pretty nice spread all in all.

I'm not going to try to describe the rest of the day, but I will leave you with some pictures of our wonderful friends & neighbors in the village. A bientot!


A good time was had by all. By the way that's Madam Le Mayor taking the video.

People are great!

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