Sunday, November 09, 2008

Village life - ain't it great

More village events this Sunday. This time it was the formal opening of our new village library.

Sorry, Its no longer just a library its a media center. Or at least that's how I translate Mediatheque! You can judge for yourself on its website. Which is This was done by Michell our local guru.

 Note that we have an English section in the library with over 400 books. Also note that the libraries of several of the local villages cooperate by sharing their book lists so you can check out a book from any of them & return it to any other. Neat huh?

As they always seem to do the local builders did a great job in renovating the building. It was pretty derilect before they started, but now is very modern inside with class & meeting rooms as well as the library. Outside its very much in keeping with the village style. Located just behind the school & Marie its very convienent.

You may remember that the one English canidate for the town council didn't quite make it in the election. Well, she's now running the library! And I'd say off to a great start (even though she upset the incumber 'librarian' who oversaw the little old library in the Marie, but that's local politics isn't it) what with an English section, computer classes going and so much demand that there are two set of English classes going for the children with lots of adults wanting in as well. This could well turn out to be a real special resource for our village.

It was great to see somewhere between 50-75 people turn out for the opening. The usual suspects made speeches, The Mayor, a politician from the Department and, of course, the new head of the library. (very nervous, but she made a good speech in French!) We had a specially written peom and a reading from a local author. (he reads beautifully!)

That's what I like about village life. Nothing dramatic, but everyone pretty much pulling together to make things better. The apero wasn't bad either.


Kim - Easy French Food said...

Hi Yank - Nice slice of village life. Thanks. I can not for the life of me figure out your photo. You're looking darn cute with those fuzzy ears and bear face, but what are you?

Yank said...

to paraphrase an old song; "It ain't me your lookin' at babe".

Its Rupert our now four year old standard poodle. He was just over a year old when I snapped his picture. He was full of the joys of spring running around a meadow.

Kim said...

Wow, that's wild. After I posted my comment, I thought to myself how stupid I am, that must be a bear with some sort of ear thing going on. I still can't see Rupert the poodle in his portrait, but I'll take you on your word. Give the nice looking pup a pet from me.
Village story: My husband did the onze november today in the village à coté and at one point the mayor yelled "Lachez les pigeons" and the sky was filled with pigeons. New one on us!