Friday, October 12, 2007

October lunch - Welcome Hannah!

Our friend Hanna arrived today. I went down to Toulouse to pick her up. The flight was on time, the bags came quickly and we had a nice chat on the drive home. We're both into cooking so quite naturally the topic of food and in particular the food bounty of the autumn came up. We're both lovers of mushrooms so we talked about the plenitude of wild mushrooms around us and the dearth of wild mushrooms around Chicago where she lives. Hanna was saying that where she grew up in Germany they virtually lived on mushrooms this time of year.
We decided to have a light lunch so I popped up to the local boulangerie for a loaf of bread. On the way I was thinking about mushrooms and how I hadn't picked any this year even though the conditions looked right. I bought the bread & decided just to try a local field where I've had good luck finding mushrooms in the past. I was in luck as you can see above. And to the left.

Linda quickly did the cleaning while I heated some butter, chopped some garlic and thre
w it into a pan. While the butter melted & the garlic cooked I roughly chopped the cleaned beauties then threw them into the pan.

I turned the heat up and started tossing. Meanwhile Hanna cut the bread and Linda set the table out on the veranda.

Voila! Virtually instant lunch.

The cheeses were; cabecou, cantal entra-deux and roquefort. And, oh! there was a modest chardonnay as well. Welcome to France Hannah!

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