Saturday, October 20, 2007

Winners & Losers in the culinary stakes

We're in the midst of a succession of visitors so this will be short. I was going to title this post getting fat, but decided to briefly describe what we're getting fat on instead.
The heavy duty eating started when our second lot of visitors arrived on Tuesday. We were invited up to our friends for dinner so there were 9 of us in all. We had salmon mousse with hollandaise, roast lamb with lots of vegetables, cheese and Apple tart for dessert. Great wines to go with it.
A definite Winner!
Wednesday was my turn and I did a roast pepper with oil, vinegar & caper dressing as a starter. The main was to be slow roasted belly pork with garlic mashed, green beans & caramelized carrots, but the pork smelled funny! Looked good & tasted good, but smelled funny so out it went. The larder came to the rescue I was able to open cans of pate, rillets and roti that I had made last spring when I did the pig. A near disaster, but a reasonable recovery.
Our guests wanted to cook dinner on Thursday so I took them to Villefranche market and let them loose. (I did help with translation) We had beautiful tomatoes with mozzarella as a starter and a veal roast with veggies to follow, then cheese and finally a great rustic plum tarte. A true winner!
Yesterday we went to Le Vieux Pont in Belcastel for lunch. Superb as always. Amuses galore, a 'ravioli' with foie gras & oysters starter, breast of cannette as a main , farmers cheese with walnuts & honey and apple beignets for dessert. Plus extra desserts & just the right wines. A steal at 27 euros per head. Never been let down here yet. Michelin star fully deserved!

Today its me again. Its casoulette Saturday; we'll be 14 for lunch. A very simple salad to start followed by my casoulette; I've made two. Lemon brulee with plums as a dessert.

World Cup Rugby final tonight. England vs South Africa. Be great if England can pull off the upset. Don't know if we'll stay home of go up to the Salle des FĂȘtes to watch. Probably stay home as everyone in the village is pretty glum about France's defeat last night.

I will go on my diet come November. I promise.

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