Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out with the old!

I talked a while ago about our local elections and how they work. Well last weekend and the one before the voting took place. Nationally, Mr Sarkozy got a lesson in humility as the nation turned left. Maybe he'll pay more attention to government now and a little less to his new wife.

Anyway none of that matters in our village. We threw out the old guard decisively! In the first round 9 of the 'new' candidates got in. Only 2 of the old guard made it; one of these was the old Mayor. Last weekend 3 of the 4 remaining seats were taken by the new comers.

I'm told that the new Mayor offered the Deputy Mayorship to the outgoing Mayor. (Apparently he's very good at the paperwork.) Don't know if he's accepted or not.

Now the new council will have to make good on their 19 point political agenda. I hope so as they seem to have some good ideas.

Hopefully they will do better at it than Mr. Sarkozy.

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