Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well, I told you so!

Yes, I did warn about false spring a couple of posts ago. And I was right. Normally I hate "I told you so's", but just occasionally its nice to have been right and to have said so.

The wonderful few weeks of great weather we've been having ended today. Max temperature was 5C (41F) and we had our first snow in a year even though it didn't stick. The picture above shows the sleet that had accumulated on our BBQ. Unfortunately you can't really see the sleet coming down in the daff's picture, but it was. The other pictures just show so0me of the blossom and other flowers coming out in the garden.

Perhaps the old adage "March comes in like a lion & out like a lamb" has some merit. Or is that adage supposed to be the other way around?

Something amazing is that two weeks ago Linda was having tea with Collette & they were talking about the fine weather. Collette said; "don't worry by March the 5th it will be cold again!" How did she know? I wonder if there is a French equivalent of The Old Farmer's Almanac?

In any case the forecast is for unsettled & relatively cold weather for the next ten days.

My next forecast is an old one: "beware the ides of March!"

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