Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from Italy

Well we made it back, but not without some travail. First we took a wrong turn on Genoa's very poorly signposted freeway & ended up downtown with, seemingly, no way back. Took a lot of wandering & navigating to get back on track. The good news was that we saw some interesting coast line.
A word of warning! The freeway from La Speza in Italy to Nice in France is an engineering marvel, a succession of bridges & tunnels, but its nearly 4 hours of very concentrated driving. We're used to European driving & believe me this route is tough!
We stayed near Le Muy & had an adequate room & excellent dinner. (I'll cover food in a separate post.) Next day the trip was plain sailing until we got near Nimes. There the autoroute to Montpillier just choked up. So, we got off & headed north west. Lovely countryside & good roads. By accident we ran into Le Tour de France near St, Hippolyte. Fouth year in a row that I've seen a stage. Stopped for lunch in Le Vigan. Great town & Saturday market, but a disasterous lunch.
Plain sailing the rest of the way home. Happy to be back in France; so celbrated by doing dinner last night for our dog sitters. Artichokes with thyme mayonnaise, Confit de canard with green beans (dressed with olive oil & lemon) and sauteed red & green peppers with spring onions HdeP & Garlic. Fresh melon for dessert. All washed down with a modest chardonnay from near Beziers.
Life is good! Even if the weather's a bit too hot.

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