Monday, July 03, 2006

Previews & delays

The delays are that we're leaving for 10 days in Italy Thursday morning. Hope to come back with both new recipies and new ingredients. We'll be near Lucca where I'm told the best of all olive oils comes from. I'll try to find out.

The delays are that I've got a couple of new recipies to put up. I've done the pics, but won't have time to do the write up's before we leave. Watch this space for "Amusing Amusees" plus some other delights.
To keep you going here's some more cheese.

At front are 3 little cabecous. Raw goat's milk; they're made all over this area. These are nicely ripe, soft & fairly pungent.
To the right is a chunk of laguiole. Cows milk from the high areas of the Aveyron. They've been making this & its cousins, cantal & salers, since before the Romans came. Yummy.
On the left is a gaperon, also from the Aveyron. Myth says that if you drop your knife on the cheese from waist height & it stands up the gaperon is ripe. True? Who knows, but a good story anyway.
At the back is a lisseau de chateau. New to me & I have been unable to find out anything about it. Mt cheese guy at market was very busy so I didn'r get to ask about it. Tastes like a variety of blue de causses & probably is. Again very local.

They made a nice addition to our dinner of magret with tiny roasted potatoes, sauteed peppers & green beans & were followed by some superb melons.

Why do I every leave this blessed country? Just curious I guess.

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