Tuesday, February 12, 2008

French for lunch - the rest of the meal

Sorry I'm so slow about posting. After the terrine near disaster the rest of the meal went well as I was cooking old favorites & comfort food.

Here's the table all ready to go with the entrée in place.

Linda does this really well. Note her pretty flower arrangements. Not easy at this time of year.

Here are the main course dished ready for the oven. Tunnel boned leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic & anchovies. Roasted roots (carrot, parsnip, garlic cloves, shallots & turnip) Oven roasted potatoes with duck fat
and fresh thyme.)

This all seemed to go down well. The lamb was nice & pink and the potatoes browned & crisp, the roots were their usual delicious self.

After a suitable interval we had a simple salad to cleanse our pallets ready for the cheese. The salad was just gem lettuce and a creamy vinaigrette.

Next came the cheese

We had laguiole, St Felicien, St Augur and Blue de brebis. A nice simple selection.

I didn't take a picture of dessert which was a carrot cake because I forgot to. Suffice it to say that it was a good cheese cake and it disappeared rapidly. We drank a nice bottle of champagne that Patrick had brought with it. That went down well as well.

I did, however, remember to take a picture of the bread which is a very important part of any French meal. There were three kinds from our favorite shop in Villefranche; campagne (white), Rye and multi-grain.

We finished with coffee and a long discussion which solved all the problems of the world including our upcoming local elections, Sarkozy's marriage and the state of French & English rugby.

We slept well that night contented that we'd both improved our French and our friendship with our neighbors.

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