Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring? I wish, but.....

We've been having 'spring' weather. So far two weeks of sunny days with temperatures in the 60's and with a forecast of at least another week to come. Has spring arrived? I wish it had, but I sincerely doubt it. Its just too early global warming or not.

Those false prophets, the almond trees, are out in blossom, but being a native Northern Californian I don't trust them. They used to fool me - no more! I'll rely on more reliable signs. The snow drops have been out for couple of weeks. That's about right. The crocus's have also been out for a while.

Pretty aren't they? The daffodils only came out 2-3 days ago. Again, about right.

Look at these guys, however, we have a ways to go I think.

The bud is from our nectarine tree, hopefully this year we'll get more than two fruits, but maybe not as the tree's new.

So, all in all I don't think Spring has sprung as of yet. Its on the way for sure, but don't pay any attention to mensongere prophets. (untrue or false that is.)

Cook some more winter meals & don't put away your warm clothes just yet. Here's a reminder a picture taken about this time of the year two years ago.

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