Saturday, February 02, 2008

More offal

Here it comes again; more offal. We were planing a quiet evening when our friend Robert called. Would we like to come to dinner? Well thank you yes, but what's the occasion?

No, not the
La FĂȘte de la Chandeleur that people over on eGullet are talking about. That sounds interesting if you like crepes which I do, but I'd already decided that I wasn't going to make them for our French friends tomorrow for lunch. Try making decent crepes for 10 people AND still enjoying lunch. No thank you. Wasn't going to make them tonight either.

Anyway, no no real occasion, says Robert, its just that I've slaughtered a lamb that was being rejected by it's Mother and Jean & I are going to cook the offal tonight. We'll have liver, kidneys and heart all served with frites. Well who could resist an invitation like that? So we're off shortly to the feast. Fortunately Linda had not actually seen this particular lamb so she's Ok about eating it.

Suspect that we may also drink a glass of wine or two. We really should in the spirit of the fete drink some cider, but much as I do like good French cider it doesn't go all that well with lamb offal.

Think of us as you munch your pancakes and celebrate the official end of the Christmas season.

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