Sunday, June 18, 2006

Eat, relax & have fun.

I was thinking today as we had lunch at a friend’s house about how good things are when you can just relax. Here we were 4 couples, all retired, all comfortable with each other as couples and comfortable with each other as a group. We took 3 ½ hours for our meal,

We started with cold cucumber soup with mint & spring onions. This was followed by Salmon Florentine en crout with a mustard dill sauce accompanied by a fresh peas, green beans & broad bean mixture and steamed new potatoes. 5-6 cheeses to sample followed then lemon meringue pie for dessert. We had a Chardonnay from Pays d’oc with the meal and some Cava with the dessert. A lovely meal that was nicely done and with grace.

There was lively & good conversation throughout. This retirement lark is pretty good. The French have an organization called the ‘troisiemes’; this is the third age (we oldies) we’ve joined since every time we see the group in a restaurant or on an outing they always seem to be having a lot of fun. It will be very good for our French language skills as well.

But I was thinking today that people of our age seem to be having as much, if not more, fun than younger people. Was it always this way? Or has better health and affluence changed things? Good question, but meanwhile I’m just going to continue enjoying myself.

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