Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Recipe: BBQ Peppers & Brie

Peppers & Brie

I’ve been making this for many years now and it never fails to please. It has the virtue of being about the simplest recipe that I know of.


Long green irregularly shaped peppers. (These are called Anaheim peppers in the states. Haven’t found a name in France other than poivrions vert allongé and I’ve seen them in the UK, but don’t have a name) Buy 1 or 2 per person.

Brie. Any old brie doesn’t have to be the best. Buy about 1 to 11/2 oz per pepper (25 -40g)


1) Let the brie warm to room temperature for a couple or more hours. Ideally it should be soft, but not runny, but the consistency isn’t vital.

2) With a sharp knife cut the peppers in half the long way. (Note: when buying it helps to choose the straightest peppers you can.)

3) Cut out the little seed bit just in from the stem. Remove all seeds.

4) Get your barbeque going. Heat to medium hot.

5) Cut the Brie into long strips which will sort of fit into the ‘pockets’ of the pepper halves.

6) When the BBQ is hot place peppers, CUT SIDE DOWN, on the grill.

7) When the edges of the peppers start to blacken turn the peppers over so they are CUT SIDE UP.

8) Place strips of brie into the pepper pockets.

9) Grill until the Brie melts & bubbles. This won’t take very long.

10) Remove from grill. (A pancake flipper works best for this.) Serve immediately.

The sharpness of the pepper combined with the sweetness of the brie is a great combination.

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