Friday, June 23, 2006

Eating Light this week

After giving a dinner party for 10 on Wednesday We've been taking it easy foodwise. One of our guests was a well known British Chef whise parents are neighbors. He praised my croutons! Humm, damning with faint praise? Anyway we had Gazpacho (see below), 7 hour leg of lamb with anchovies & rosemany accompanied by baked roots with truffle oil & roast ratituille, cheeses and Lemon Brulee with baked apricot. Sounds a lot, but nothing was heavy & all the plates became empty & there were no leftovers except some cheese. I will post recipies for everything as time allows.
Anyway, yesterday was tuna sandwiches & cheese. (tuna, mayonaise,chopped cornichons, chopped shallot all mixed & served on good French bread with tomato slices & lettice.) Today it's going to be BBQ'd Toulouse sausages & a nice simple salad.
Been doing a big clean up after the mother of all thunderstorms. Lost 5 trees & up the road in the village we lost three really big plane trees. We'd been asking for rain, but this was way too much. The supposedly inefficient French had everything cleared up in a day. Amazing.

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