Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Salmon & Scallop pasta

Here’s a pasta sauce recipe I dreamed up a few years back. It’s a variation on various fish based sauces. In this case the flavour of the salmon is offset by the sweetness of the scallops to make a nice balance. It is very quick & easy to make.

Ingredients: (for 4 generous servings)

- 1 lb Salmon filet

- ½ Lb scallops (I prefer the small bay scallops, but the large ones can be used. If so cut them into pieces.)

- 1 lb pasta (any short shape. Fuseli are my favorite)

- 10 oz full cream

- 2-3 oz grated parmesan

- A small handful of fresh basil or tarragon leaves. (your preference, but not both)

- A bit of olive oil


1) Put a large pot of water on to boil for the pasta. (I like to add a few drops of olive oil. Add a pinch of salt after the water comes to the boil.)

2) Skin the salmon & cut into roughly ½ inch chunks. Cut up the scallops if using the large ones into chunks of the same size.

3) When the pasta water is boiling add the pasta; then: (Note: this is for dry pasta. For fresh alter the timing accordingly.)

4) Heat a bit of olive oil in a large frying pan until hot. Add the salmon chunks and sauté until barely cooked, but slightly browned. 3-5 minutes

5) Add the scallops. Stir well. Cook for no more than 1 minute.

6) Add the cream.

7) When it comes to the boil start adding the parmesan about 1/3 at a time. Stir constantly.

8) When all the parmesan is in check the consistency of the sauce. If too loose then cook for a bit to reduce. When the consistency is right turn the heat down to low.

9) Pasta should be ready by now. Drain it & put it back in the pot. Place the pot on medium heat, stir to drive out any remaining water, then add the sauce to the pasta.

10)Add the basil or tarragon leaves. Stir well.

11)Scoop the pasta out onto warm plates & serve immediately.

12)Extra parmesan is nice & you can keep back some leaves & sprinkle them over each servicing.

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