Tuesday, June 13, 2006

initial ramblings

Ok, first post to the ITT-S blog. What’s it about? And why am I doing this? Who am I to do it anyway?

It’s about food and eating and having respect for ingredients, preparation and enjoyment of a good meal. I get upset with those who merely ‘eat to live’; those who can’t be bothered, and those who mangle ingredients out of all recognition. To balance that opinion I’m also not too happy with those who make a fetish out of being clever & complicated with their food. Balance is good. Care is good. Respect is good. Simple is good.

Thus, the It’s the Taste Stupid name of this blog. It really is the taste that counts. Appearances are nice and its sometimes fun to see a ‘work of art’ appear on your plate, but if the taste isn’t there forget it. I think all of the truly great chefs understand that as do the best of home cooks. In any case I’ll be commenting in more detail along these lines as I & this blog go forward. Hopefully, if anybody reads it, we’ll get some strong opinions coming out.

Another of my goals in the blog is too ‘practice what I preach’ by publishing recipes that I like too cook & serve. It is my belief that good cooking can be made very simple so that anyone with an interest can do it without lots of training. Therefore I will try to make all of the recipes as easy to follow as possible. The end product may seem complicated at times, but the steps followed to get there are simple and easy.

Why me? Ego, time to do it and fun. I think I have something to say and being retired I have time to say it. I enjoy cooking, writing, taking pictures and playing around on the web. I’m fortunate in that I spent many years traveling all over the world on business, eating at great restaurants. I’ve been cooking since I was about 8 years old and I have access to superb ingredients here in France. I love cooking & sharing meals with friends; the blog is, perhaps, a vicarious way of doing that.

So, I hope you will enjoy reading this as I go along. I fully expect to enjoy writing it.

First recipe to follow shortly.

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