Friday, June 16, 2006

Out of date, but catching up!

I’m feeling a bit out of date after yesterday’s post about dieting. I did some more searching today & found that there’s a whole Montignac method movement and that Michael has written several more books.

The best place to start is in his website which is:

This will give you a lot of the information you need before deciding to buy one of the books. Also I found out that there was a nice thread from Bleudauverne on eGullet. Worth reading

Even though I was out of date the principles haven’t changed & I still highly recommend this way of eating. Now, if I could only find the equivalent for my failing other faculties I’d be in business.

Other ramblings

Went down to Montauban today with a couple of friends. Donald is another Yank who lives nearby, but only spends 3-4 months a year here in France. He has a bad knee; it never wholly recovered from surgery earlier this year in the states. Anyway DR. Jean (you will hear more about him in this blog.) had set him up for an MRI scan at the hospital. Annabel came along because D’s French is pretty non-existent. The MRI revealed all kinds of things, but since D isn’t in the French medical system they expected to pay for the whole procedure. They did; 69€ about $85. Try that in the states. The French have the most wonderful medical system yet spend around 8% of GNP on it. We spend 14% of GNP and our system stinks. Maybe Georgie & Hillary should come and have a look. Enough politics, Yank.

Anyway afterwards we went to have lunch at a Spanish steak house, one of the few places you can get really good beef around here. (See my ranting in the eGullet France forum on this subject: ‘Where’s the beef’) Our steaks as well as the rest of the meal were excellent. Talking to the owner afterwards I found out that he gets his beef from Germany. Exactly what Ptipois had said on the forum. I’m going to follow this up, but I must say that I find the range & wealth of knowledge on eGullet formidable.

Enough for now. I'll tell you about Dr. Jean at another time.

PS: D’s going to have his knee fixed here next week even though he could get it done for free in the states.

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