Thursday, November 01, 2007

Diet - D-day est arrive!

November 1st; D-day. I go onto the Montignac Method as of right now. (well, not actually, I started this morning with decaf coffee and had vegetable soup & a selection of cheeses for lunch. Its now about 5:30 as I write this.)

So far so good, I've survived 9 hours. Don't feel particularly hungry, but I'm sure I will enjoy my dinner. (grilled salmon with cauliflower and leeks)

Ah! The dreaded weigh in. 201.6 pounds, 13stone 5.6 pounds, 91.6 kilograms. Yuck!

Not my worst, but really bad. Not a surprise, but I had sort of hoped I'd be under 200.

The target is: 182 pounds, 13 stone even, 82.7 kilograms.

Twenty pounds weight loss seems such a nice round number and as I lived in England for many years I sort of got used to thinking of my weight in stones. Thus 13 stones, another nice round number.

Wish me luck as off I go. First results tomorrow.


heidih said...

I am very interested to see what your menu will be. I am currently doing a very similar plan- no white stuff, very limited whole grains, a mountain of veggies, and decent proteins incl cheese which I am just discovering. It has been 3 months. Good weight loss and I am having alot of fun with food. Today was butternut squash soup with kale chiffonade flavored with Dijon mustard, smoked and sharp paprika with some chicken stock. The protein was some dry beef sausage microwaved to release fat- a little chewy but nicely funky cured taste.

Yank said...

Heidih, Your menu sounds more interesting than mine. It also sounds as if you are succeeding with your diet.
I will be publishing what I eat every day. So,if something sounds good and you (or anyone else) would like the recipe just make a comment asking for it and I will post it.