Monday, November 12, 2007

Diet - Days 9 & 10 Creeping

I managed to go through these two days and have a small weight loss. About 1/2 pound which is Ok I guess all things considered.

Present weight is 195.3 pounds (13 stone 13.7 pounds, 88.77 kilos)

Thus, I've managed a little over 6 pounds since I started. I've just got to keep it up.

From an eating point of view I'm a bit surprised. On Saturday I kept strictly to the method and my weight was flat.
On Sunday we had friends over for lunch so I cooked. Cold mussel with Ravinole sauce & mussel soup; slow roasted belly pork with roasted cauliflower, onions & saute courgettes; cheese and baked apple (heirloom, of course) with caramel & lemon cheese. Three glasses of wine. Hardly a light meal. I lost 0.6 pounds. Go figure!

I'll just have to keep going.

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