Sunday, November 04, 2007

Diet - Day 3 Keeping going

Third day's over and not bad at all. Easy enough to keep off the bad stuff except that I do miss my glass of wine.

The Weigh in: 196.4 pounds, 14 stone 0.4 pounds, 89.3 kilograms.

Weight loss day 3: 1.6 pounds, Not relevant, .72 kilogram.

Cumulative weight loss: 5.2 pounds, 2.36 kilograms.

What did I do? Started with a good long walk with Rupert; over an hour. Then ran some errands in Caylus. Did a bit of computer work. The afternoon was mainly more shutter sanding & painting. Finished by reading & TV watching. A pretty quiet day.

What did I eat? No breakfast as is normal for me; just decaf coffee. Lunch was a 3 egg cheese (laguiole) omelette with a large salad (mache, cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber & creamy vinaigrette.).
For dinner we had Toulouse sausage with broccoli and coco beans. I had a small Cabecou (goat's cheese) cheese on Swedish crisp bread as a sort of dessert.

Another good day from the weight loss point of view. I just hope this loss rate keeps up for a while.

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