Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Diet - Day 5 Progress resumes - barely & a recipe

Well at least I lost something, its not much, but better than nothing.

The weigh in: 196.2 pounds, 14 stone 0.2 pounds, 89.2 kilograms.

Daily Weight loss: 0.2 pounds, N/A. .09 kilo

Cumulative weight loss:
5.4 pounds, N/A, 2.45 kilograms.

What did you do? Morning walk with Rupert as usual. Linda & I went on a major food shopping expedition to Villefranche. Bought mounds of vegetables & fruit plus meats & fish. Our local Hyper Market (HyperU) really is very good, not quite up to outdoor market standards, but more than acceptable. Had a good visit with first Huguette (Roop's vet & our friend) then Jacques (another friend). Quiet evening.

What did you eat? Lunch was cheese, pate and salad. When our visitors were here we had serrano ham & olives and I allowed myself a full glass of wine (didn't want Jacques to drink alone). Then we had a roast chicken stuffed with garlic and broccoli, coco beans and gravy.

Now you know why the weight loss was so small. Even though I waited until I had quite a bit of food on my stomach before drinking the wine it still slowed things up. Better tomorrow.

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