Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Diet - Days 11 & 12 a leap forward

Well a little progress at last. I hate these pauses in weight loss even through I know that they're inevitable.

Anyway, today I weighed 193.2 pounds, 13 stone 11.2 pounds, 87.82 kilos.

That's 2.1 pounds, almost a kilo in two days.

That's 8.4 pounds, 3.82 kilos since I started.

I'm pleased, but would love to make 10 pounds within the next couple of days so as to reach the halfway mark. Thanksgiving is coming up in a week so I'd like to be in good shape by then. I'll be as good as possible even though we're having 16 to Thanksgiving lunch. If I can be good on the wine the desserts won't pose a problem.

Monday we had a light lunch and had poached salmon & chicken breast with a flavored mayonnaise sauce and multiple vegetables for dinner. One glass of wine. Yesterday we were out a lot so had substantial cheese & pates for lunch, but only a meat salad with cornichons that I bought from the traiteur for dinner.

I'm encouraged, feel great and can feel the weight loss in the way my clothes fit.

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