Saturday, November 17, 2007

Diet - days 14 & 14 Hanging up

Flat is the word. The same weight for two days in a row. And we're going out to dinner tonight.

I'm at 193.2, 13 stone 11.2 pounds, 87.82 kilos.

I'm struggling to get past the milestones of 13 stone 10 pounds and/or a total loss of 10 pounds. As I think about it I remember at around this weight there is for me a sticking point. I seem to hover around this weight and find it hard to get below.

Persistence is what I need to practice so I will.

Today was a big relief. We took Rupert to a vet in Cahors to see if we could get to the bottom a of persistent cough he has had for over a month. He's had several exams by Huguette, our regular vet whom he loves, then x-rays which showed an abscess, then lots of anti-biotic' s which cured the abscess, but not the cough. We were getting really worried. Today they put him out and used an endoscope to see down his throat. They found a large piece of bone or wood stuck pretty deep down. They were able to push this on down into his stomach where it should pass on through Ok. Soft foods for a while, but no cough thank goodness.

Eating? Nothing too special. Good old fashioned pork & beans which I made from the hock of the ham I'm brining for Thanksgiving the other night. Then baby back ribs yesterday for dinner. I call these our free ribs since I get them when I buy my pork bellies at about $1.50 per pound. I just have to cut them out. Don't tell the French though as for some reason they don't seem to have discovered just how good the ribs are.

A poser for you. At the market in Cahors today (while we waited for Roop to come out of it) one of the butchers was selling. "souris agneau" Literally translates to Lamb mice.
Anybody know what part of the lamb this might be? I can tell you that its not a 'funny' bit.

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