Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Diet Days up to 20 Quick report on a bit of progress

Just a quick update as I'm busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. I've made a bit of progress since my last report. (apologies for doing day 14 twice. Good trick if you can pull it off)

Today's weight was 191.8 pounds, 13 stone 9.8 pounds, 87.23 kilos.

Cumulative weight loss is now 9.8 pounds, 4.45 kilos.

Breaking the 13 stone 10 pound barrier is important psychologically as its usually a stumbling block for me. Hopefully, if I can be sensible tomorrow, I can keep going at a steady rate. Only 10 pounds to go.

Activity as per usual; walks with Rupert, some shopping, visiting friends, not drinking wine. Pretty quiet really. Drove over to pick up the turkey from the vineyard yesterday & bought some wine to take to England. Interesting the turkey was 57 Euros, 15 liters of wine was only 35 Euros. Go figure! Did a lot of preparation this morning including making a carrot cake with fromage frais frosting.

Nothing spectacular in the eating line although last night we did sample the curried pumpkin soup and the ham I've brined & baked for Thanksgiving. Both were good except that Linda wants to tweak her soup a bit. Don't know why as I thought it was great.

Next comes turkey preparation. She's getting deconstructed. I'm going to take pictures & attempt a recipe for this blog. Probably too late for Thanksgiving, but maybe good for Christmas or New Year.

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