Friday, November 02, 2007

Diet day 1 - off to a good start

Well, here we go the first full day on the diet. Results?

Weigh in: 198.8 pounds, 14 stone 2.8 pounds, 90.34 kilograms.

One day weight loss: 2.8 pounds, 1.27 kilograms.

An auspicious start even though I'm sure much of the loss was simply getting rid of stored water. Still its encouraging to start off with a bang. I know that it will get harder later.

What did I do yesterday? Started the day with a walk with Rupert (our standard poodle & my avatar) We went for about an hour through the woods & along a low ridge. We both had our international Orange garments on since the local hunt was around & we didn't want to get shot by accident.
After that I spend a good portion of the day sanding & painting shutters. Not a job I enjoy, but they need it & winter's coming on. Had a restful evening with TV & reading.
A reasonably active day which I think helps even though this diet isn't about exercise particularly.

What did I eat? The day started with a big mug of coffee as is normal. Yesterday, however, the coffee was decaf instead of fully loaded. Montignac advises that caffeine is bad for you and your weight. I doubt that its a big deal, but giving up caffeine is no big deal either so why not.
I never eat breakfast, so I didn't. Never have & think the 'importance' is vastly overblown.
Lunch was two big bowls of Linda's homemade vegetable soup (delicious) and a selection of cheeses; about 5 kinds and probably roughly 3-4 oz in all.
Dinner was salmon steaks, pan fried in butter. With these we had large portions of braised leeks and cauliflower two ways. One way was simple steaming & the other was oven roasting. The oven roasting was superior. Was going to have cheese for dessert, but wasn't hungry so didn't.

Thus ended day 1. Successful as it turned out from the weight point of view and no big sacrifices from the food point of view. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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