Monday, November 05, 2007

Diet Day 4 Could have been better

No progress today. No loss, but no gain. Not unexpected as I'll explain later.

The weigh in: Everything the same.

Daily weight loss: Zero

Cumulative weight loss: As before.

What did you do? Linda, Rupert & I took a good walk even though it was a bit foggy and cold. Up through some woods, along nice tracks, then a road and finally back to our starting place. Went home and had a look at the Sunday paper then got ready to go out to lunch at some friends house. Nice lunch (described below) with nice people and good conversation. Lunch broke up about 5:00 PM. We went home & rescued poor Rupert who had his legs crossed by then.

What did you eat? Going out to lunch at friends is difficult. In this case there were cashew nuts that I could nibble (although I think I had too many) and leave the potato chips and bread with a caviar like spread alone. I had a small glass of orange juice. Dinner was a really good chicken corma. I had a good sized portion of that along with lots of string beans. Did not eat the rice or roast potatoes. There was a fruit salad for dessert (this was in addition to the plum crumble). I had a small portion. I also had about 1/2 a glass of red wine about halfway through the meal.
At home later in the evening I had a cheese plate with cucumbers & dill pickles.

Now you know why I didn't lose any weight yesterday. We'll see what happens today.

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