Saturday, November 03, 2007

Diet - Day 2 Settling in

The second day was fine. I enjoyed myself all day and managed to lose a bit of weight.

The weigh in: 198 pounds, 14 stone 2 pounds, 90 kilograms.

Day's weight loss: 0.8 pounds, Not significant, 364 grams.

Cumulative weight loss: 3.6 pounds, Not significant, 1 kilo 636 grams.

What did I do? Most of the day was taken up with Golf. I picked up one friend then another and off we went to the mighty 6 hole course near Gaillac. Cold & foggy, but no matter. We played round the six holes and I played well by my pathetic standards. Even managed a par on the 6th. It was still to early of lunch so we played 3 more holes. I should have quit while I was ahead, I was awful.
Tragedy, our favorite restaurant (and the real reason why we play golf here) was closed. So, off we go to a nearby town where there is a cafe that does lunches. 11 Euros for three courses including 1/4 liter wine. I must say the 'Madame' was not exactly a bundle of joy, pretty surly actually. Still she condescended to let us order lunch. I'll describe the lunch below, but suffice it to say that it was good. The cook wasn't surly.
Got home about 4 PM and did some more shutter work then dinner then a quiet evening. (nice documentary on Johnny Cash on TV.)

What did I eat? I was in a rush to get away in the morning so I only had part of my cup of decaf coffee. The three course lunch menu at the restaurant offered a plate of cold meats (charcuterie ) as one of the choices. Nice selection including a homemade rabbit terrine en croƻte. I didn't eat the pastry. The main course was a pork steak with a mushroom sauce. Very good indeed. It came with roasted potatoes which my companions were happy to have. One could have dessert or cheese so there was an easy choice. Three kinds. I drank water and my friends were delighted to share my wine.
At home Linda had been slow roasting a shoulder of lamb for most of the day. A large portion of this plus leeks, peas and more cauliflower made for a nice dinner. Didn't have any cheese afterwards.

Day 2 worked even though I'm finding it a bit hard to change my bad habits. Past experience tells me that it will get easier as the days progress. I hope!

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